How to Enhance the Longevity of Your LED TV

You have just bought a brand new LED TV with stunning high definition perfect picture quality. It must have cost you a pretty penny and you would definitely not want to replace it in a few years.

As with all things, TVs also age but as per top LED TV manufacturers in Kerala, there are some steps you can follow to lengthen the lifespan and efficiency of your Big Box a.k.a. LED TV.

Turn off the TV when not in use

Seems like common sense? But, numerous studies have proven that using your TV in moderation can actually enhance its longevity. For instance, if a television remains ON for 3 hours a day, it easily amounts to over 1,000 hours a year. This ultimately increases the number of hours wasted and also your electricity bill.

The right Brightness and contrast

Adjusting the brightness to a minimum level is vital to enhance the lifespan of the TV. High brightness and contrast levels result in the TV working harder to provide the best experience and this often reduces its longevity.

Despite the fact that you have purchased top LED TV in Kerala, this safeguard is essential for the big box to work for years and years to come.

Voltage Regulator is essential

Power dips and surges have potential to hamper your LED TV to a great extent as the power caps can get damaged. Installing a voltage regulator is the smart choice as it protects the TV from hazards like the lighting in addition to power surges. Furthermore, it helps keep the TV efficient regardless of the fact how many other electronic appliances are in use.


An LED TV consumes power and this results in producing a lot of heat. The heat should be removed using a suitable and effective ventilation system. Make sure that your TV can breathe and during installation choose a suitable location keeping this in mind.

The excess heat could easily cut short your TV’s lifespan.

Say no to Dust

High amounts of dust in your space can induce a short circuit and result in permanent damage of the TV. Make sure that your TV is placed in a dust-free and clean space.

Clean your TV safely

Use anti-static cleansers and cloths to clean your TV as it doesn’t fare well with static electricity.

Never soak your TV in any kind of liquid cleaners or water in a bid to clean.

Once you have laid hands on the top LED TV in Kerala make sure that you protect your investment. Following these simple tips would surely help your TV in providing world-class entertainment for years to come.

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